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Why Scuba Diving Should Top Your Bucket List


Why Scuba should top your bucket list

Imagine soaring. You are completely weightless, enjoying the serene calmness wash over you like a slow peaceful wave. There is no way for your coworkers or boss to get in touch with you. There are no cell phones, e-mails, or computers. Stress does not exist in this dimension. You are alone with peaceful thoughts, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, almost as if the moment your breath ends so will the encounter. Suddenly, a bustling coral reef captures your undivided attention. There is a manta ray effortlessly gliding along the sharp azure water, with tiny bright orange and yellow fish darting between the vibrant underwater landscape. It is the most beautiful thing you have seen in your entire life, so you should feel thrilled and anxiously wound-up. However- you simply aren’t. Your whole body exudes relaxed tranquility. You leisurely gaze to your left and a fish that looks just like Dory from Finding Nemo is swaying along. Marveling at all these striking creatures replaces all your worries. There is nothing but you and the mind-blowing ecosystem. You are lost in the moment until you notice you’re gliding through an immaculate rock arch. On the other side you discover a large clearing. You find yourself surrounded by diverse coral dwellers going on as if you aren’t there. This is the most magical moment of your entire life and you can hardly believe you aren’t dreaming.

You aren’t dreaming. This is Scuba Diving and it is just as magical as it sounds, if not more. If it were up to me, I would require everyone try Scuba at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, many people miss out on this experience due to fear, lack of opportunity, or ill-health. My goal is to encourage at least one person to give it a shot. Without further ado, this is why YOU should add Scuba to the very top of your own bucket list.


Did you know that we know more about our Moon than we know about our oceans? Scuba opens your eyes to an entirely different world. There are hundreds of life forms under the surface of the sea. Most people never get the chance to enjoy any of it aside from eating at a local seafood restaurant. Here you have the chance to swim with sharks, watch crabs fight over food, and see the food chain in motion. You can observe and absorb tons of new ideas and information that would have been more difficult and less interesting to read about. Everything is different from the environment we live in, and it’s as if you’re stepping into an entirely new planet the moment you submerge below the soft patter of the wake.


Diving is awesome exercise. You don’t notice it while you’re doing it, but waking up the next day you sure will. You’ll be swimming around as long as you have an air supply, so that equates to a ton of movement! Then you have to take into account the amount of weight that will be attached as you before and after you ‘giant step’ into the water. Once you’re out of the water you’ll feel the kind of hunger that only ensues after an intense grueling workout. You’ve burned tons of calories without even noticing. It’s a win-win situation!

It takes muscles to tote around all that scuba weight!

It takes muscles to tote around all that scuba weight!

It’s like a giant Stress ‘Reset’ button. Scuba diving is for those who want to Get away from it all without running away to Antarctica for nine months. It gives an awesome period of time to reflect on your thoughts without being bothered. Most of my extremely important life decision making has happened under the sea. Some people even refer to it as a Marine Meditation or the Fortress of Solitude (though, it is very important that you never truly dive alone. ALWAYS dive with a buddy!). If you’re stressed and need to let go of deadlines, inspections, or stress, scuba diving is absolutely the way to go.
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It’s fun as hell and quite easy to get into. If you find yourself by a beach chances are, you can throw a rock and hit a Dive Center. As long as you have an adequate time frame, most Dive Centers have staff on hand ready to give another land-lover their mermaid tail. If you find yourself in a time crunch- don’t fret! It is possible to ‘Try Scuba’. This is just a supervised shallow dive to get one accumulated to the experience. If you think you might be too scared to go through the certification process, this is the dive for you. After, you’re guaranteed to be addicted.
You’ll become more environmentally-conscious. There is nothing worse than diving in trash. This is killing off the plants and animals that live there. When you get certified, there is a huge emphasis on keeping the sea fresh and clean. It can be tempting to reach out and touch the coral, but will a momentary urge be worth permanently killing the reef for future generations? Hopefully your answer will be no. After you see the raw beauty under the water, you will be tempted to keep the planet as clean and stunning as you possibly can. The more people that hop on the Mother Nature Wagon, the better for all future endeavors.
Gaining admission to the ‘Secret Society’ and making new friends- It’s no secret that Scuba diving brings people together, almost like a society excluding non-divers. This day in age, not many 20-somethings are certified, so when two birds of a different feather meet they automatically have a bond. You’ll automatically have a basis for conversation, even if it was the first encounter. If I meet another diver, we’re automatically considered friends in my mind just because they have shared the experience (and are probably nice and adventurous for getting into it, but that’s beside the point). Once you start diving, it’s easy to become addicted. The more friends you have in the ‘Secret Society’, the easier it will be to find a dive buddy. You’ll create awesome memories with those people that will be some of the best of your life.

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Become a better photographer- This post probably wouldn’t fit into my blog if I didn’t mention something about photography, so here it is! Underwater photography presents its own series of challenges… I’m looking at you, magical disappearing color red! As you dive deeper, the color red stops existing. This is because the wavelength is the longest in the color spectrum so it’s the first absorbed. Thanks to this, capturing  vibrant pictures is much more difficult than it would be at sea level or higher. You’ll learn to slowly approach and use zoom for capturing sea life without disturbance very quickly. Once you get the hang of it, your photographs will certainly reflect the amazing time you had scuba diving!


I hope this encouraged at least ONE person to go get their feet wet. As always, leave any questions/comments in the form below!

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