Adventurous People Need Pilot’s Licenses

Aviation has intrigued me since I had the ability to understand the concept. At the super young age of 4 I would fly around with my father and pretend I was Amelia Earhart. She just happened to be my childhood hero; she embodied the life I wanted. As you all know, I am still striving to live a life full of daring adventure to make her proud. I am a firm believer that those who love adventure will adore the world of aviation. Adventurous people NEED pilots licenses.

People are always surprised that I, a real live woman, have an interest in aviation. I’m still unsure as to why there are so few women pilots. There are tons and tons of reasons for why you should, especially as a traveler! Here’s why I’m getting mine:

Adventurous People NEED Pilots Licenses

Flying is the epitome of adventure

It’s no surprise that flying is really exciting. Being able to hop in an aircraft and go somewhere awesome quickly and efficiently still amazes me. You can skip security, travel at your own pace, bring full sized liquids, and still get to the same locations faster than you could drive it. Being behind the controls gives you an adrenaline rush (at least until you fly enough to get used to it) but there are always new places to go and types of planes to fly.


It Makes you Smarter

This one is no joke- it legitimately makes you a smarter person in the most practical ways. You’ll learn how engines work, a bit of physics, and become a mini-weather expert. You’ll learn things that you never thought you would need to know. It’s an incredibly technical certification to get, but it’s entirely worth it. For me, learning how engines actually work was incredibly fascinating and I have been applying the knowledge to the world around me ever since.

Who Needs Road Trips When You Can Fly Cross-Country?

Sure, road trips are awesome. What if the location you’re driving through isn’t particularly appealing? You can avoid traffic, relax a bit more, and get there in half the time. They say half the adventure is in the journey… well I want to make the journey more of an adventure. I want to see the world look like ants below me. I want to chase the sunsets over the horizon.

Birds’ Eye View

The view at 1,000 feet is spectacular and must be experienced. Need I say more?

Fly Ins are AWESOME

In the private pilot world there are these things called fly ins, that are like giant festivals for pilots. Think of your county fair, with all the delicious foods and games. Then add camping under wings of aircraft, plane competitions, and (possibly) airshows and static displays! Fly Ins are an awesome way to network and meet like-minded people with similar interests.

Off the beaten path Destinations

There are  secret runways with camp sites hidden all over the world. You just have to know where to find them. There were many times growing up where my dad, friends, and I would go camping in really cool spots where there wasn’t anyone else. We could get into gorgeous locations all over the state that no one else knew about. Aside from campsites, you can fly into smaller airports that outnumber the big ones; meaning you can fly into smaller, lesser-known cities between big ones.

It Makes you a Mini Forecaster

One thing I never expected prior to starting was exactly how much weather knowledge I would soak up! Now I can tell the difference between cumulonimbus, cirrus, and stratus clouds. I can tell which kinds of fronts are coming through based on those clouds. I can tell you what the temperature is at a certain altitude, and how high the lowest clouds are sitting. I understand why flying through thunderstorms is so dangerous. This is an invaluable skill to possess.


You’ll Respect the World

In addition to learning the basics of weather, you learn exactly what the Earth is capable of doing. You learn that you are really not as invincible as you believe. Understanding how flight works gives a whole new respect to those who designed aircraft and perfected the technology needed to keep it in the air. It’s incredible how much science goes into it. When I first started out, I definitely assumed it was magic that keeps planes in the sky.

It Makes You More Responsible

Flight requires you to become a good planner and consciously make good decisions. You have to think ahead of your current situation and come up with backup options. You have to learn resource management and how to use safety first and foremost. Patience and clear thinking are both necessities for flying. If you don’t already possess these skills, you will by the time you’re finished.


A few slightly superficial (bonus) benefits of being a female pilot:

-it’s an awesome ice breaker for your Tinder bio

-your Instagram/Snap will never have a shortage of interesting photos and videos

-you’re blasting stereotypes and kicking ass

-you are automatically a more interesting person

-if you have a significant other, flights make for an excellent dates!

Lastly, you’re working your ass off for a dream and that’s pretty freaking incredible.



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