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The Top Habits of People Who STAY Fit


Have you ever noticed how fitness comes so easily to some people, while others seem to be stuck in a rut forever, never making any progress? People start out with so much excitement, only to start making excuses and fall off the fitness wagon. To find out what makes people perpetually successful in the gym, I did a little research, and here’s what I found.

1. They’re Consistent

People who jump from diet to diet and workout regime to another tend to give up and be discouraged easily. They don’t realize that NOTHING in the fitness world is instant. Sticking to one plan long enough to see change and progress can make a world of difference. Plan gym days, and stick to them.

2. They’re Balanced

Fit people know how to keep sweets and alcohol to a minimum. They understand that by not always indulging now they get to later with their quality of life as they age. Fit bodies are not maintained easily, and they have mastered moderation.


3. They Read Nutrition Labels

Fit people know that carbs aren’t the enemy. They know the macro nutrients their bodies need to accomplish their specific goals. Some even use the awesome app MyFitnessPal to ensure they’re right on target.

yeahhhh4. They participate in Active events

Tough Mudders, Color Runs, and even Spartan Races put the fun back into running (was running ever fun to begin with?). When they see a challenge- they take it. The fitness aspect makes it even more worth the while.

5. They’re Ambitious

Fitness is a roller coaster of goals. The day you start lifting is the day you’ll never become complacent with there you are. Fit people always want to be better, faster, and stronger. This transfers to other aspects of their lives as well. They seek out improvement even when nothing is wrong to begin with.


6. Surrounded by like-minded people

People who stay fit surround themselves with people who share a similar lifestyle. They understand that peer pressure can be used positively to influence positively. They avoid people who are lazy, gluttonous, and negative because they understand that ‘you become who you associate with’.

7. They aren’t lazy

People who make the gym a priority are the ones who will stay fit. People who constantly take weeks off at a time lose all gains and get discouraged. It’s a lot easier to start and never stop than to keep starting every month when you quit because you don’t feel like going to the gym. Fit people never take more than three days off in a row (aside from injuries).


8. Know they’re #1

They make themselves the #1 priority and go out of their way to stay healthy. The only person who can truly ensure their quality of live over time is themselves, and they do it. They make sure every aspect of their life is well rounded, leaving them in the best shape and overall fitness of their lives.


Do you have any habits you’ve noticed of people who are constantly fit?


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