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The Frugal Guide to Norway

 Norway is by far the most expensive country I have ever set foot in. I was shocked when a prepackaged Panini and bottled water cost me well over $30. This is due to the surprisingly strong Norwegian economy. One US dollar will get you approximately 7.68 Norwegian Krones. You may think that sounds great, but the cost of Norwegian goods runs high. The average inexpensive meal (think McDonalds) runs 150 kr. This is about $19.64. Don’t let the high costs deter you from this incredible country. While there, I spent very little money and it still sticks out as one of my favorite trips.
Bergen lit up at night. We found this incredible camping spot.

Bergen lit up at night. We found this incredible camping spot.

Norway has this awesome law called the Right of Access law. This is a brilliant law for people who are comfortable with camping and sleeping under the stars. Read it and be inspired!

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This basically means that camping is free! That can cut a huge amount of money from your trip that can go to other things. When I went, I paid for luggage on RyanAir and with the ridiculously inexpensive flights to Bergen the total was still under $75. Bring a sleeping bag and small tent to sleep in. Enjoy the nature and keeping money in your bank.

One of the stops along the road around Hardanjerfjord

One of the stops along the road around Hardanjerfjord

Renting a car can help you get around freely and experience all there is to see. The most interesting part of Norway is the natural beauty that can be found at every turn on the narrow twisting roads. You will become spoiled by the dramatic fjords and powerful waterfalls cascading in almost every view. Nothing else you see will ever feel as beautiful as Norway and you will forever dream of returning. Having a car also means holding the freedom and flexibility to do what you want. However, try and make sure you have someone who is at least 25 years old with you to rent the car. Otherwise, you’ll find a steep charge for insurance on your credit card. If you can find a way to pay ahead for the rate of the rental car, it is cheapest. That way you can purchase it in US Dollars and it will be significantly less expensive. Having a car will make it much easier to carry around camping supplies. You can also sit in it with the heat on if you got too chilly or experienced heavy rain.

Giant wedged boulder between cliffs
Some of the best activities include driving around enjoying scenery. It is quite a bit of fun to just search for areas to park your car and explore the waterfalls. There are many free hikes that you can do with epic views all around. Climb up Fjords, go visit Kjeragbolten and stand on the small boulder wedged between two large Rocks 984 meters suspended above a deep abyss. Visit Trolltunga and make the 23 kilometer hike for a day, or sit on the ledge of Preikestolen marveling at all the panoramic views. There are hundreds of waterfalls along the roads that you can climb or splash around. There is even a few that you can climb behind, such as Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. Save money on bottled water by filling up an empty water bottle in one of the natural water sources. These are almost all safe to drink from unless marked otherwise or discolored. Use common sense and it will repay you with free and clean Nordic glacial water.
It is easier to save money when you have many people splitting costs. Bringing three or more people will make costs quite a bit less while still having enough room in the car for supplies. Bringing your own foods, such as a few MREs (Meal Ready to Eat), PB&J or other meals are a great way to save a pretty penny. There are many Norwegian markets, but the food is insanely expensive compared to grocery stores in the US. Being someone who doesn’t make much money, it was very difficult to afford eating there. Stopping by small farmers selling fruits by the road is still expensive, yet very worth the cost. I do not regret purchasing a bag of plums.
Essentially, Norway is an extremely expensive country to visit. If you do it right, it is easy to enjoy it without spending an arm and a leg!
Beautiful Hike up to Trolltunga

Beautiful Hike up to Trolltunga

Camping by Trolltunga

Camping by Trolltunga


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