The Best Cliff Jumping in Pula, Croatia

Cliff Jumping at Galebove Stijene – Pula, Croatia

Pula, Croatia is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. It has more beaches than you could possibly visit and believe me- you’ll want to visit them all. In my opinion, the best one for cliff jumping is located about 12 minutes outside the city at a beach called Galebove Stijene.  

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Getting there: Put these coordinates into your GPS- (44°51’40.51″N  13°48’20.10″E). When you first arrive it seems pretty sketchy. You end up driving past the gate of an abandoned military base (that you can explore!) and parking in an area that people shouldn’t live in but probably do. If you’re parking by the fort area (built into the hill) you’ll want to go on the right side of the last house and follow the tree line to a path that goes down to stairs. You can also follow the other cars parking down the path to the left and it’ll lead you to the water… but it will take you much longer to arrive at the cliffs. 


Once you’re at the cove facing the ocean, head to the right. You’ll walk for about 5 minutes and approach a swimming cove. There will probably be tons of people there. You can jump from here or you can keep walking. Once you make it to the old base’s fence you’ve found the coolest area. It has a big cave under the jumping spot. 

Once you make the hike there you’ll definitely want to jump into the stunning turquoise waters. It’s definitely one of the best in the world, and the water you meet at the bottom isn’t too cold. There are tons of different heights for jumping from 2 feet up to 43 feet so you can be as adventurous as you’d like. 


You could easily watch one of the best European Sunsets from this spot or even just lie peacefully on the rocky shores. There are tons of locals around and for very good reason! It’s an incredible beach. For some of the beach shots, check out this video I created for the trip! 

Have you been to Croatia? Where was your favorite Cliff Jumping Beach?

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