Bali Through My Lens: Tegallalang Rice Paddies, Ubud

The Tegallalang Rice Paddies

These rice paddies have to be a top contender for my favorite spots in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. With its stunning beauty, cool paths, and the availability for solitude how could it not? The Tegallalang Rice Paddies are right in the heart of Ubud by the main road. It is not something to miss, regardless for its ‘tourist trap’ stamp.

Make sure to make it here as early as possible to avoid the tour buses. It’s far more beautiful to visit as the sun is coming up and sending its rays through the luscious green palm leaves. Bonus plus: It isn’t nearly as hot in the mornings. The rice terraces are one of the most popular things to do in Ubud, and for good reason. This is something that should not be missed.

Funny enough, there was no fee to enter when we went. I do believe some random guy set up his own unofficial ticket area as we were leaving. If you get there early enough, he probably won’t be there. The best photos can be taken during the golden hour, as the mist starts to rise off to the terraces. Wear comfortable footwear with good grip on the bottom and you’ll have a better time than I did. It is probably very easy to fall into the paddies.

Without any more fuss, check out the Tegallalang Rice Paddies through my lens.

Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3778
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3634
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3674Tegallalang Rice Paddies

Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3705
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3692
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3619
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3744

Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3758
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3771
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3690
Bali Indonesia Fit Fab and Foreign-3661

Did you love the Rice Paddies as much as I did? Be sure to comment below with links to your own photos!

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