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Secret Getaways Plans Trips But Won’t Reveal Your Destination Until Departure


I’m quite excited to share with you a story of a cool new travel company launching in July 2016 called Secret Getaways Travel Co. This company is different from other travel agencies because it eliminates the stressors associated with planning your trip. Secret Getaways plans your accommodation, flights, as well as an itinerary.

Well that sure sounds like a normal travel agency, no? Not at all, and I’ll explain why. You won’t even know where in the world you’re going until your departure.

Better yet, this company is being started by yours truly… the blogger behind Fit Fab and Foreign. I saw a big issue while being stationed in England. There were far too many people who didn’t travel because it was too overwhelming or they didn’t know where to go. Since I’ve been to 20+ countries and taken 45+ trips all over Europe, I knew that I could change this. I had the experience to know what people would and wouldn’t like. I could plan trips for those same people based on their own preferences!

Dan Dooley Car Rental Fit Fab and Foreign Ireland

Secret Getaways currently offers seven types of packages, 3 + 4 Day Getaways by Plane, Train, or Bus and 3 + 4 Day Epic Road Trip Getaways all over Europe. Secret Getaways also offers North America to Europe 7, 10, and 14 day adventures.

So you’d like to take a Secret Getaway, what are the steps?

First of all, you choose a budget. The more you pay, the more options Secret Getaways will have toward finding you the perfect destination. It also makes a big difference in what you get depending how far in advance you book.

Secondly, you fill out the easy Adventure Questionnaire to help me plan a trip to perfectly fit your travel style. You answer questions about hobbies, previous trips, and your traveler information.

calle varquez Western Europe Adventure Couples Bucket List Fit fab and foreign

Once you’ve finished checking out, I get to work planning your dream getaway. I book travel arrangements and accommodation, so no meals or activities are included. However, I will give you an itinerary with more than enough things to do over your getaway.

For military members saying “I’m going to leave the country, but I don’t know where I’m going…” isn’t exactly going to fly with supervision. To combat this, I will personally email all information needed to supervisors so that Duty doesn’t ruin the surprise for anyone. 

andratx palma de mallorca Western Europe Adventure Couples Bucket List Fit fab and foreign

Well how do people know what to pack or where to go?! One week from their departure, travelers will receive a special email. This email contains a weather report for their destination, recommend items to pack, baggage restrictions, as well as the date and time to show up at the departure location.

One week out, you’ll receive the ultimate reveal envelope in the mail. This includes the Destination Reveal, hard copies of tickets and bookings, directions to your accommodation, a destination guide + sample itinerary, as well as a small gift. You have to resist the urge to open the reveal until it’s your departure day or it will ruin the fun!

eiger switzerland Western Europe Adventure Couples Bucket List Fit fab and foreign

All the destinations have either been personally visited by me or one of my highly trusted travel partners. I have extremely high expectations, so you know you’ll get an epic spot.

What if I don’t like where I’m sent? Well I really hope that isn’t the case. If you don’t, you’re outta luck. I believe that everywhere I send people has something to offer, and I arm you with more than enough information to find something you love. You have to keep an open mind and be ready to experience being out of control to enjoy it.


If you’d like to visit the site, click HERE!


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Would you be interested in going on a Secret Getaway? Let us know in the comments!


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