Rainbow Bagels in Japan: Where to Eat Like a Unicorn

Nestled among the criss crossed streets outside of Kadena Air Base’s Gate 1 lies a land so magical that the bagels are fluffy rainbow pillows of goodness. Eating here truly makes you feel like you’ve left Japan and gone straight into a fairy tale. Read below to discover where you can get your own rainbow bagels in Okinawa, Japan!

Welcome to Caracalla Coffee & Bread

When you first walk in, you’re hit with the sight of the gorgeous multi-coloured bagels on display and the smell of freshly home-brewed coffee.  It’s a spot so quaint that there are only two parking spots and a few indoor tiny tables, so it’s best to park elsewhere and walk in.

If the weather is nice, there is a gorgeous area outside perfect for catching some of that famous Okinawan sun, sitting with your dog, and sipping some of their creamy iced coffee.

The staff, who I assumed were the owners, spoke very little English but were extremely warm and inviting. They had two types of hot coffee on the menu and several other iced coffees available. In addition, they had other sandwiches and teas that could be purchased. They all looked delicious, but I had my heart set on the gorgeous Rainbow Bagels!

Now, about the rainbow bagels: It was surprisingly fluffy upon first bite. It definitely didn’t have the same chewiness that most bagels have. The rainbow bits weren’t flavored, but the cream cheese was. It was topped with the perfect pairing of wild berry cream cheese (with tiny of fruit) and the obviously fitting rainbow sprinkles.

The area was filled with delighted children and adults alike, everyone seemed to enjoy them… But don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself!


Where to Find Rainbow Bagels:

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Important Stuff:

-They take both card and cash!

-You cannot park on the street (I parked at Blue Market since they were closed without any problems)

-The don’t have multiple flavors of bagel, just rainbow.

-They’re open from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm




Where’s the coolest spot you’ve visited in Okinawa? Share the secret by leaving a comment below! 


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  1. Cj Reply

    I’m glad you didn’t have an issue parking at Blue Market. We parked there today (it was closed) and the owner of Caracalla (male) and the owner of Blue Market called the police on us but only after they had already called the police. Caracalla had no problem taking our money but absolutely yelled and was rude to us (the security forces translator translated everything and the Caracalla owner was yelling)

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