OH S***! I’m Moving to Asia!!

You read right!  After more than a year of worrying whether or not we will get to live on the same continent, through countless hours of reassurance, and one cancelled assignment, three unsuccessful applications for Palace Chase to try and live in Hawaii or Guam…


I cannot believe the incredible luck I have had because apparently the join-spouse process usually doesn’t work as well it did for Trevor and I. Luckily it did and I get to move to a new continent and live in paradise with my dream man. I have begun my Tic Tac Countdown (one tic tac=1 day) and have 8 short weeks until I take the leap of faith abroad.

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Thoughts & Fears

Of course, I have gotten used to England. Europe has been my safe home for the past 5 years. I have traveled extensively here and understand how it operates collectively. I understand how private the people are and how society works. The thought of learning a whole new continent- a whole new culture where they don’t speak the same language… well that is quite intimidating. Hell, even meeting the other Americans stationed there is nerve-wracking. Here, I have built a life I love with people who I have opened up to. That’s one task that is not easy for me to do AT ALL. I am shy and introverted, and meeting new people is both scary and exhausting. I am always awkward and nervous so I say the most cringe-worthy things, but it’s something I have been working on improving. Having said that, there is no better time than this big move to practice!


I always fear taking the leap of faith into the great unknown (and that fear is why I included the great unknown in our wedding vows) but I have a strong, supportive husband there to hold my hand and be the slightly more outgoing one. Most people think I am incredibly brave for all the traveling and new experiences I participate in. Truthfully, I am not brave at all. I just take things one step at a time and think to myself “Which will you regret more when you’re 70? Going for the gold or sitting at home doing nothing?” It’s always the former. That’s my own personal way to say YOLO and it  inspires me to live a life I’ll be fulfilled by.

Biggest Fears + Sources of Anxiety:

  • Meeting new people
  • adjusting to the culture
  • missing the ease of traveling Europe
  • learning a new job
  • not having access to kebabs + Danish Protein Shakes


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Happily Ever Afters & The Good Life

Not all of my thoughts are bad. In fact, most of them are incredibly happy. I am looking forward to immersing myself in the culture the same way I have done in England. I am looking forward to living with my husband, with whom I have spent far more time apart than together. If it works out nicely, I am estimating we will get to spend about 4-5 months together each year… which is FAR better than the one month we would get to spend together if I were living in Florida. I am impatiently looking forward to sushi, surfing, sandcastles, and sushi. Did I mention fresh sushi?


It is incredibly humbling that I will get to spend the next 3+ years in a tropical paradise. With my husband. And thankfully the members of my ‘chosen family’. All of these people are the ones I grew extremely close to here in England. We would eat supper together every night and all managed to live in the same house while the guys were home. We adventured to Ibiza, Spain and have spent many nights sitting outside in the ‘Bothered Sheep’ and chatting by the fire pit until the sun came up again. We talked about everything there was to possibly talk about and I’ve watched their adorable daughter grow over the years. I can’t wait to make millions more memories with everyone.


There are countless other things I am so grateful to experience… which I will mention in list form below.

  • Exploring the island
  • Living by the Seawall
  • Scuba diving
  • Finding random secluded beaches
  • Gorgeous photography opportunities
  • Cliff jumping
  • Experiencing typhoons
  • Exploring Asia
  • Experiencing earthquakes
  • Japanese culture
  • Engrish Clothing
  • Island life
  • New Job
  • New Friends
  • Life with the husband
  • Camping on the beach
  • Sunsets
  • Incredible food
  • Language barriers
  • Meeting the other PJ spouses




Personal Goals + New Beginnings

Of course, with the story of England slowly coming to an end, the Japan book is about to begin. Here, I will spend the next three (+ quite possibly the best) years of my life on a tropical island surrounded by the people I love. After moving to Japan I will have visited 25 countries; this smashes my goal of visiting 25 countries by the time I’m 25 years old two years early. This means it’s time to set new personal goals that I can accomplish during my time in Japan. I am so excited and inspired to make the most out of my time there. My top goals at the moment are:

  1. See 5 Continents by 25 years old
  2. Understand the Geology of Okinawa in-depth
  3. Get really good at surfing and scuba diving
  4. See all 7 Continents by 30 years old
  5. Be the best wife I can possibly be for my amazing, loving, supportive husband. I want to find new ways to make his life even better each and every single day.


So there you have it. My fears, anxieties, happy thoughts, and goals for the upcoming move to Japan. I feel better already! Have you ever moved abroad? What are your best tips?

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