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How To Look Stunning Travelling in the Cold

It’s no surprise that summer is BY FAR my favorite season, and if I could dress for summer year-round, I absolutely would. Unfortunately sundresses don’t cover enough surface area to keep the chill from getting to your bones so I had to find a new way to embrace my clothes-loving self in the cold. As a disclaimer I am in no way a fashion expert, nor do I follow fashion trends at all. I simply dress to fit my body and own personal style. These are what I have found to work best for me. Everyone’s body type is different, so don’t expect everything that looks flattering on me to look good on you and vice versa.

Incredibly Fashionable Layers

As always, hats can pull together most outfits. It’s a trick that many lazy ladies swear by. Who needs to take all the time to do hair when they could throw on a floppy hat and look chic? You don’t even need make-up. This is the time of year that plum-colored accessories can be pulled off best, and it seems to be a really flattering color. This is the time to try different styles of hats as well. Scarves also tend to pull together many outfits, they can add a huge amount of style to even the most boring outfits. When going with bold patterns or bright colors, it’s best not to have the rest of the outfit too bold, let minor details stand out.

Fancy Hat

Layering clothing can mean the difference between being miserable and being warm and cheery during the colder months. Luckily there are tons of variations of layers such as sweaters, coats, jackets, vests, and TONS more. My favorite outfit pairing consists of a girly dress paired with leggings, black heels, and my winter-staple: a black leather jacket. It keeps me warm when I’m feeling spicy in the frosty weather. Another personal favorite is the trench coat. It can make any outfit look hot with minimal effort, all while modestly creating an aura . Bold colors can be paired with dark outfits to ‘pop’ amid a sea of gloomy black.

Girls tops and dresses look edgy and glamorous when paired with a black leather jacket.

Girls tops and dresses look edgy and glamorous when paired with a black leather jacket.

Shoes are extremely important and can make or break a day. You always want to make comfort #1 overall, since most travel days end up with tons of walking around sightseeing. My favorite go-to shoes are flat boots with a comfortable sole. It’s not a good idea to break in new or cheap shoes on a day full of walking. I learned that the hard way in Paris. Shoes should have enough room for thick warm socks that will keep your little piggies warm and give an extra layer of protection from gnarly blisters.

Pretty Scarf

Make up in winter can usually be a bit more bold than the natural summery alternative. However- this is not an invitation to cake your face with make up. There are only three areas of your face you need to cover to have a completely pulled together look. These are: lashes, eyebrows, and lips. Everything else is just extra. Cat eye seems to pair well with red lipstick for a stunning look. If you go with this make sure the rest of your make up is toned down and isn’t too dark. Too much drama on your face makes it look like a Drag Show is taking place (Not to say Drag Queens don’t look damn fabulous).

beautiful makeup

Do you have any style tips you swear by when travelling in the cold? As always, I’d love to hear them in the comments section!



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