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How to Spend Two Incredible Days in Pula – Croatia

It’s no secret that I fell head over heels in LOVE with the Istria Region in Croatia. One of the little towns I became enamored by was a gorgeous seaside town called Pula. We spent two days there but could have easily spent WAY more. Read more to find the perfect two day itinerary.


Day 1: 

Watch the sunrise

Sunrises and sunsets in Croatia are something you should not miss. The first light of the day tends to be bright orange and the last light of the day falls somewhere between deep reds and light yellows.

Head to Verudela Beach

This beach is in a gorgeous wooded area surrounded by awesome things to do. You can rent bikes and cruise around the peninsula or climb on some of the many inflatables. You can also do an ‘Underwater walk’ where you wear an air helmet and do cool activities while breathing under the sea. You can snorkel by the hotels or ride on the water slide. You can eat at one of the many restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops that line the path. For lunch, I recommend the chicken gyros at the restaurant with the gold awning across from the bike rental.


If you’d like to see some critters, head to the aquarium on top of the hill. There is seriously something for everyone there! The area even includes an old fort you can go to get your history fix for the day. The options over here are endless. *It’s a good idea to arrive early when parking is available, after a while the parking lot fills up and you won’t be able to find a spot*


Stay and watch the sunset on the west-facing part of the beach (opposite of the beach with the water slide and sea wall). It’s something to write home about!

Get dinner + dessert at TiVoli Pizza. Just do it. You won’t be sorry. My recommendation is the Hawaiian Pizza and the greek salad. They also serve delicious gelato in an awesome area.


Day 2:

Explore the Arena

Be sure to go before it gets hot- the Arena is the only Roman Amphitheater that is completely intact. It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring to explore and see. It’s old as hell and you can climb all over everything and go into the underside. It’s very similar to the Coliseum in Rome. Entrance is 50 Kuna and does not include a tour. You can pay by card or cash.


Cliff Jumping by the abandoned military base

This beach is INCREDIBLE. I had a really hard time finding it but the coordinates are here: (44°46’8.06″N  13°54’42.88″E). I still get the shivers thinking about how perfect our trip there was. You could easily spend all day here sunbathing, cliff jumping, or snorkeling. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.15.05 PM

If you have a spare 4 hours after cliff jumping, head to Brijuini National Park 12 minutes outside of Pula. You’ll take a ferry to a large island full of things to explore and rich in history. 

Watch another epic Pula sunset from either Brijuini or the cliff jumping beach. You will surely fall in love just as I did.


Have you ever been to Croatia? Where was your favorite spot?


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