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How to Get Good Sleep While Traveling

How to Get Good Sleep While Traveling

If there is one thing that can make or break a trip, it’s sleep quality. How do you get good sleep in a faraway location, jet lagged, and in a bed that isn’t your own? Follow these tips to get the perfect night’s sleep so you’re fully rested for the adventures ahead!

1. Try to adjust to the future location the day before. When you’re not at your destination pretend you are, this will acclimate you to the time zone. Another tip: Once you have arrived at your destination try to remain in bright sunlight until 2 pm, after that wear sunglasses and do indoor activities. According to studies, it jump-starts your body and reduces jet lag.

2. Use sleep aids– I’m not one to promote useless medications that could potentially harm one’s body. Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical that your brain produces. It is possible to find Melatonin pills that help you get a solid night’s sleep when your restless mind is running wild.

3. Don’t underestimate the value of a good sleep mask! As an avid traveler, I have tried to fall asleep on a plane at least 100 times. I had not been successful until I used a sleep mask. Unfortunately many people find sleep masks to be restrictive and tight- but this one has enough room for you to open your eyes and also comes with ear plugs.

4. Get some cardiovascular exercise. Nothing gets you tuckered out more than a long run or eventful day sightseeing. Try to find a good hike in the surrounding area to get a picturesque panoramic view.

5. Get comfortable. In order to feel more ‘at home’ make sure you are comfortable. Ask your hotel’s reception if you can have more pillows. Bring your favorite photo and place it on the night stand to make it feel more like home.

6. Drinks matter. Avoid caffeine and alcohol up to 5 hours before bed. Alcohol can make you fall asleep quickly, but it effects your REM cycle in a negative way. You’ll wake up feeling just as tired, if not more, than the night before. Caffeine keeps you from falling asleep so if you need your full 8 hours, skip the espresso before bedtime.

7. Relax before bed. When many people travel they’re going full speed until the moment their heads hit the pillow. Usually their mind is still going full speed as they’re trying to fall asleep. In order to relax, try drinking hot decaffeinated tea, or reading as you ease into slumber.

Does anyone else know any other tips I may have missed? If so, please add it in the comments and help out fellow readers!

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