How I Was Hospitalized from Morocco + How to Avoid It

***Warning: This is not going to be a happy blog post. You might even find it disgusting.***

Morocco has me absolutely torn inside. I loved meeting the people and hiking in the mountains. I loved the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. I loved the beautiful landscape dotted with palm trees contrasting the orange hued desert. But I did not love the way it avenged my departure on the day I left.


Like a psycho jealous ex girlfriend, Morocco made me feel miserable. It woke me amidst my slumber and violently attacked my body. Chills ran down my spine as I sprinted to the bathroom and hurled for hours on end. I threw up for so long that I fell asleep on the bathroom floor that night, only to wake up and have to head to the hospital.

Luckily they had antibiotics and fluids to give me to battle my vengeful ex girlfriend. I was dehydrated and in pain, but they sent me home to recover. The next day it only seemed to get worse. I was no longer just throwing up, it was coming out of both ends and I felt like a human water fountain. It only got worse and worse. I didn’t and couldn’t eat, and I was hit with a paralyzing migraine. My body would be covered in sweat one moment, and shivering and freezing the next. I couldn’t look at light or keep any water down so I knew I needed to go to the hospital again.


My amazing friends drove me to the ER again and the doctors made me take all kinds of tests. They gave me another IV and two Liters of fluids to replenish the human fountain. They found that my kidneys were shutting down thanks to this bug and I had lost a lot of muscle mass. They gave me more antibiotics and meds and sent me on my way. I felt FAR better. It’s still been a week since I was in Morocco and I haven’t eaten an actual meal yet. I can only hope I will be okay enough to soon. I feel perfectly fine now and think it’s over for the most part.

How did Morocco do this to me? Well, I ate salad where the vegetables were washed with tap water and ate chicken. Apparently the chicken there isn’t refrigerated and my body just can’t handle that. Those were the only real options I saw while in Morocco so if you go, it’ll be hard to avoid unless you bring your own food.


How to keep from getting sick in Morocco:

  • Wash your hands A LOT
  • Brush your teeth with tap water
  • Only use your right hand for eating (Muslim culture dictates that you use your right hand for eating and your left hand for… everything else)
  • Prepare your own veggies and wash them with tap water and soap
  • Only eat meat that has been cooked quickly (not stewed)
  • Do not drink the tap water
  • Don’t eat fruit unless it’s been washed with soap
  • Bring Hand Sanitizer everywhere


Good luck and I hope you don’t end up like I did being attacked by Morocco. Aside from this experience, I loved it!

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