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My name is Addie and this is the start of my journey. I have set many goals for myself that I hope to fulfil with this blog. The most important goals I have set include changing peoples’ lives. If I can help one person get the guts to take the dive into the unknown, yet undeniably worthwhile, world of travel then I have succeeded. If I can assist someone in feeling confident in their own skin, then I have done what I set out to do.

I am frequently asked how I can afford to travel so much. Inquisitive strangers ask if I have some weird connections with Airline Moguls, if I have a secret trust fund I’m blowing through, or if I’m downright digging myself a huge hole of debt by travelling. The answer to all of those things is a big, fat, surprising NO! I have managed to travel to more than a dozen different countries, visiting some multiple times, without ever going into debt. This is no small feat considering my only source of income being my USAF paycheck. If I could do it at age 20 even YOU could do it too!

Health and fitness is something equally near and dear to my heart. I have made more mistakes than I can count. I have fallen for the fast fixes, juice detoxes, and fad diets. Hopefully I can prevent you from suffering the same lapse of judgment that I endured. Luckily I have learned from those mistakes, and they have molded me into the self-proclaimed Fitness Freak that I am today. I can now feel confident sunbathing on topless beaches in Spain. I can maintain my exercise routine in any hotel, campsite, or small space and keep by body toned and tight. When I travel I eat the foods I love without feeling any guilt. It will be hard work, but it is 100% achievable for you to feel incredible in your own skin!

I have an insatiable need to inspire. I want to guide you to a world of adventure. I want to help other people find a way to achieve the dreams they never imagined to be possible. Now let’s get started together on your journey to the life you’ve always wanted!

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World traveler. Health nut. Adrenaline Addict. Pilot. Scuba Diver. Surfer. Lover. "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

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