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  1. Caila Reply

    Hi Addie! Just stopping by to gush about how much I love reading your blog. Your life seems sooo incredible! Your experiences spark my urge to travel like crazy. Just wondering how much you tend to spend on each trip? I know the currencies are different per country, but a rough estimate would be greatly appreciated! It seems as if you make your own tours and don’t spend much on materialistic things. Also, what kind of camera do you use when you don’t use the aerial one? Thank you so much & can’t wait to hear from you!

    • Hi there!! I really appreciate the love and sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was off getting married and stuff ;). Typically on my trips I get the cheapest possible plane tickets. Since I live in England they’re typically between $20-$150. I usually don’t buy tickets that cost more than that. Most of the time they’re about $40. Then I only go for 2 nights and three days since most of my travel is done on 3-day weekends. I try to stay at cheaper AirBnBs that have kitchens so I can cook a bit. so that’ll be about $60-$100 per night so I’d say $160 is the average. I almost always rent a car and it’s about $20 per day on average. I usually cook my own breakfast and eat out for breakfast/lunch. Breakfast is about $4 total for the trip (thanks oatmeal!) and I’ll spend an average of $40 between lunch and dinner. I usually pick up some snacks too so I’ll say about $150 for food the whole time. I usually buy other things too so that usually doesn’t end up being substantial. There are plenty of ways to keep costs down though and it varies from country to country!

      Tickets- $40
      Air BnB – $160
      Car rental- $60
      Food- $150
      Extras- $50
      Total: $490
      As for the camera, I usually bring my drone (Phantom 3 Professional) and a Canon EOS 70D with the 18-135 Lens and the 50mm as well! Pretty much any DSLR would be amazing for travel. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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