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Very few moments in my have been as mouth-wateringly life changing as eating at Burger & Lobster. Eating there has molded me from someone who wasn’t quite impressed by The City to a person who will make excuses to end up in the sweet, sweet vicinity of London Town. When I hear of people going to London, I am suddenly overcome by this child-like excitement to introduce them to this incredible restaurant. It is the best food I have ever eaten in my 23 years of life, and I do not say that lightly. When I leave Europe next year, I’ll probably more sad to leave Burger & Lobster than most of the friends I have encountered here.


But why?  It’s just a restaurant, right? Wrong, Burger & Lobster is THE ultimate dining experience. With just three different items on the menu, they have sculpted each individual dish into the most perfect, delectable, mouth-watering perfection. The perfected cuisines are lobster, a hamburger, and a lobster roll. Each of these comes with a salad on the side as well as the most impeccably seasoned thin fries. If you happen to be going with other people and want to try both, there is a special that you can split. You and another person can each get a burger and 1/2 a lobster. This also comes with a dessert and the fries/salad sides. This is the perfect way to get a taste of 2/3 of the menu. In total, it costs 44 GBP.


The burgers are all meat, and are made from a combination of grass-fed Irish and corn-fed Nebraskan beef and weigh 10oz. They are juicy to the point of falling apart as you inhale (while simultaneously wishing to savor it forever) it. Straight from their official website it reads: “We make our burgers from three cuts of steak which contain natural marbling. This marbling adds all the flavour we need and means we don’t need to add anything (and we mean anythingelse to make the tastiest and juiciest burger around.” They cost 20 GBP.

Photography by Kang L

Photography by Kang Leong

The lobster is served with either garlic butter or lemon and can be steamed or grilled. The meat can be plucked off the lobster by the silly fork they give you, and presents a the taste equivalent to heaven. It doesn’t have the ‘too-fishy’ taste that many people dislike. They are sweet tasting and oh so tender. According to their official site “Q. How would we get the best tasting Lobster into our restaurants? A. It would have to be flown in alive and well from the Atlantic Ocean. Q. How do we keep it fresh in our restaurants? A. We would have to build some of the biggest lobster tanks in the restaurant industry Q. How do we make sure we continue to give you the best Lobster around even if we get bigger? A. Our friends in Nova Scotia, Canada, have been fishing these wild creatures for generations. Our friend Alex now lives in Canada where he can ensure we have the best possible relationship with our fishermen. Happy families all round.” The lobster cost varies from size, but starts 20 GBP.


The second best part about Burger & Lobster is the drink menu. Each cocktail (9.50 GBP)is hand picked and listed by which meal it pairs best with. Included are many classic drinks with their own twist, and it’s surprising how incredibly spot-on the recommendations are. Half the fun is the presentation and edible garnishes that grace the beverages. This combination makes for an unforgettable experience that comes second to none. There are also wine/beer choices that start at about 5 GBP per drink.

BurgerLiquorLobster_Cocktails_JacquiTurk-6 DSC061371-683x1024 Meatequita-Cocktail


Even the service is immaculate. Since the food is narrowed down to three different dishes, the staff is constantly making it. As a result, there is virtually no waiting time down between ordering and eating. This is particularly pleasing when you come back after craving it for weeks (and I can 100% guarantee it will happen). The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is lovely, and the locations are perfect. Did she just say locations? Yes! There are 8 in London. There is also one in America that is located in New York City. Additional spots include Stockholm Sweden, Cardiff Wales, and Manchester and Bath, UK! Sadly they do not take reservations. However, the wait time is usually minimal even though the restaurant almost always has every single table filled. Every time I’ve gone has had less than a three minute wait to be seated. Even while waiting to sit down you can head to the bar and order a few cocktails.



Hopefully I have conquered my new life goal and have succeeded encouraging you to eat at the infamous Burger & Lobster. As always, this is entirely my opinion and I was NOT paid in any way, shape, or form for this review.

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