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Palma CastleHello lovelies! I’m Addie. I’m an adventurous soul who can’t keep to one place. I’m serving in the US Air Force full time, and part time traveling when the opportunity arises with my incredible husband. I’ve lived in England for the past 5 years and have visited more than 24 countries. I plan on seeing every inch of the world! The most important thing you should know about my blog: I DO NOT accept sponsored posts or any sort of transaction for my reviews + trips. These are 100% my own opinions without any outside influence of any sort.

I founded a travel planning business called Secret Getaways Travel where I plan surprise trips for spontaneous souls who either don’t know where to go or want to be surprised. My business is my life, and I love everything about sending people on their dream trips!

I have a passion for the great outdoors, sports, and learning survivalist techniques. All of these have helped me become Norway’s favorite Trolltunga expert. If you’re looking for City Guides, you’ve come to the wrong place. Though I enjoy every travel experience, I am an introvert and tend to shy away from big cities and large crowds. I am the most at home learning a new adventurous activity or skill.

Fitness is a huge part of my life. When I’m not writing, traveling, or working, I can be found drenched in sweat lifting weights. I believe that every person should know the feeling of living life to their fullest potential. I want to change lives for the better, I want to inspire, I want to show everyone that their dreams can be reality. I want to make sure every person can live life as a confident and comfortable go-getter.


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  1. Hey Addie! I’m Laura and I blog over at http://www.littleislandtakara.com! I found your blog via Pinterest and wanted to invite you to join our ‘Bloggers of Okinawa’ group on Facebook!!!


    Ps. Love your blog!!

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