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7 Adventurous Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund



Every year, law-abiding citizens file their taxes. Most of us end up getting back a pretty penny from good ole Uncle Sam’s Savings. Do you even remember what happened to yours last year? Here are some awesome ways to make your money count! My refund is probably on the lower scale due to the diminishing pay of a US Military Member, however this is what is possible to do with a spare $1500!
1. Take a Contiki tour– These are awesome ways to see the world with like-minded people. Typically 18-35 year olds all travel together with a tour guide to some intense places. You don’t have to worry about any transportation and they tend to give you tons of freedom. They travel to places like Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.
2. Buy a GoPro/Nice Camera- This is probably what I will be doing with mine thanks to the Fuerteventura Incident where my GoPro, wallet, and cell phone disappeared into the dark of the night. These make a huge difference and I cannot wait to buy a new one. I cannot recommend GoPros enough, their quality, price, and durability make them second to none. If you don’t need a camera for adventure sports, it’s also a viable option to get some other kind of camera.
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3. Buy a Plane Ticket to a different Continent- So you have always dreamt of seeing Australia but the plane ticket costs more than your rent… This is the perfect opportunity to use the small savings account the US Government has handed to you. This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who aren’t great at saving money, but still want to see the world.

4. Save it. This is the most boring way to use your tax refund, but I have to add it because we are all adults and need to be responsible kinda.


5. Get into a more expensive hobby. It’s no secret that most adventure sports have very expensive gear. Scuba diving is a guilty pleasure and with the amount in an average refund, you can purchase quite a bit of quality equipment. You could get camping gear, snowboards, backpacks, sleeping bags, anything else your heart desires.
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6. Donate it. This may not be much fun for you, but you can sponsor someone who is going on a mission trip or trying to study abroad for a semester. Who knows, maybe you could even claim that on next year’s taxes. I have attached a link to a friend’s trip here just in case you need some inspiration!


  7. Take a road trip. If you can’t go too far, enjoy a road trip across your state. See all the views, bask in the joy of being a tourist and blow a chunk of change staying in a swanky hotel pretending to be rich for the night.


How do you plan on spending your tax refund?

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