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21 Reasons Bangin’ Bikini Bodies Need Barbells

It’s 2015. There is no excuse for why women are STILL thinking that weightlifting will make them turn into a “She-Hulk”. This is absolute garbage and simply does not happen unless an unreal amount of dedication is applied (along with external help from *cough-cough* steroids).  On the other hand it will turn them into a confident woman with a bangin’ bikini body. How do I know? Lifting changed my life. Three years ago I was endlessly eating donuts and being a lazy bum. I was unhappy with my body, lazy and perpetually groggy. One magical day my guy friends drug me along to the gym. From that day forward, I had fallen in love with the weights and the sweat and the callouses on my hands. What changed my mind? I set my eyes on a ‘Fit Chick’ for the first time.
She was intimidating, powerful, and had the body I thought was only achievable through endless hours of cardio on a treadmill. I had to know what the heck she was doing to look like that. She was so strong, too! With the guidance of my friends, I started weight training (not even using machines- only REAL weights). Not long after I started noticing muscles where I was previously jiggily. My stomach was now flat and sexy, and my butt started to grow. I had more energy and was becoming even stronger than I thought possible. I was gaining confidence that I never thought was possible. I fell in love with me! Other people also noticed- and most were ridiculously proud of me. Many others warned me not to get “too big” which is a preposterous thought I no longer entertain. Those people are clueless dumbasses.

This is me after a year of weightlifting. Full of confidence and loving my body!

This is me after a year of weightlifting. Full of confidence and loving my body!

Why should women lift weights?
1. It’s more effective for fat loss
2. You’ll have a leaner, more defined athletic body
3. You’ll feel stronger
4. It can influence you to make healthier choices.
5. Uh, hello- bigger booty!
6. Stronger joints and bones
7. Exercise reduces tons of sicknesses and negative health stuff (osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease)
8. You’ll lose more body fat
9. You’ll have more energy
10. You’ll get stronger

245 lbs. squat

245 lbs. squat

11. You’ll have more confidence
12. It’s FUN!
13. You’ll boost your flexibility
14. You’ll have a stronger mentality
15. You’ll have a healthier heart!
16. Toned means adding muscle and reducing fat- this is exactly how it’s done
17. It gives you the curves you want!
18. You’ll get better sleep
19. It is AMAZING stress relief
20. You’ll have a huge sense of accomplishment

*21. Nothing is cooler than looking over at a dude and realizing you’re lifting a lot more than them!*

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